7 ways to maximize your efforts on Google Ads


ways to maximize your efforts on Google Ads

Google ads is a platform provided by Google where you can advertise your products/services
with ease. You can just write some text, insert a few keywords and then get it published on the
web where Google Ads will display your ad for a period of time.
I think Google ads are great because you don’t need to create separate pages for every single
article that will be sold/read. The main challenge with digital marketing these days is that there
are so many brands out there that really benefit from SEO. But Google Ads helps here, by
placing your ads on the page according to the quality score in conjunction with the bidding price.
The better the quality score and bidding price, the higher your ad positioning.
Google ads can increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) sharply. The Click-through rate is an
important metric for knowing whether the potential customers are clicking the ad or not.

The Importance of Google Ads

Google ads help a lot to attain great heights while running digital marketing plans. Google Ads is one of the most important tools used by marketers nowadays and gives you an edge over your competitors. When the metadata tags are involved in the search engine optimization process then there would be no difference between both of them, even though they run on different platforms and have their own unique functions if you doubt that every platform has its uniqueness then ask yourself why it takes only a matter of seconds and just a single click to pull down the metadata.

Journey to Google ads is easy as it negotiates itself with all the required details and helps in improving your campaign strategy or taking the right steps if any related error occurs. Accepting various customization options available in this platform keeps you updated about its capability hence making it easier for anyone. Every digital marketing agency offers its PPC services to its clients as it is one of the most important platforms to imply your marketing efforts on.

Latest Updates on Google Ads:

Update in the Keywords Matching Behavior:

BERT, which aids Google in comprehending the surroundings and goal of search inquiries, is now
being used to keyword matching in Google Ads,” Google revealed on September 23. According
to Google, this has enabled it to modify broad and phrase matching algorithms. In the absence
of an exact match keyword, it will favor broad match and phrase match keywords that are
similar to a query in this article. Google will not solely rely on Ad Rank but also on relevance
when deciding whether a keyword has multiple match types that are relevant to a query (thanks
to BERT).

Automation increased for Display Campaigns:

Standard Display and Smart Display efforts were consolidated into one campaign type, Google
announced on September 15. This does not mean that standard or Smart Display campaigns
cannot be run. What it means is that, when picking a campaign-style, you will only have one

Display choice to pick from now on, and afterward, you may pick between a regular Display or a
Smart Display campaign.
Google also revealed that display campaigns are now automatically included in targeted
targeting, which allows you to attract clicks from persons outside of your chosen target

Addition of Data in Search Terms Report:

The Search Terms report appeared to exclusively display terms of a high enough volume to keep
searcher anonymity, with at least one click, according to the search term report. Now, regardless
of whether they got a click or not, advertisers will be able to see search terms (that meet the
volume threshold) they gained impressions on. Google declared in the same statement that
historical (pre-September 2020) search queries that don’t meet the privacy threshold volume
would be deleted in February of 2022. As a result, Google can serve advertisers while also
protecting searcher privacy with this.

latest update on google ads 1

Important terminologies of Google Ads
Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate (CTR) is a metric that measures the number of clicks on an advertisement
relative to the number of impressions. The CTR includes clicks from both paid and organic
traffic. The primary metric for determining the success of your Google Ads campaign is CTR,
which measures how many impressions resulted in clicks. The higher your Click Through Rate,
the more effective your adverts are and hence better results from it during testing or actual
campaigns can be expected.

The Ad Auction

Ad Auction is a mechanism that helps buyers and sellers to compete against each other
without influencing their competitors. Ad auction works on the basis of click value or CPC – Cost
per Click, wherewith every click your ad shows on any Google ads-related page you are paid
nothing but when tens of thousands of clicks are generated from it then you get optimized cost
for such clicks. Look at the chart below:
This process decides how much traffic will be available for every ad in the auction and also
where it shows your ads got placed.
After being optimized you can see how many clicks are generated from each selection criterion
such as region, industry, etc. which decide what source of traffic is used to run your ad
campaign. When there is a combination of various factors available (for example; time
difference among nations), then Google will assign one particular bidder who has the most
relevant data about that country.

Ad Rank

With the help of Ad Rank we can get a better idea of how well our ad is ranked on search results
pages, are people searching for it? Ad rank works with the supply and demand thing which means
an ad will appear higher in Google ads if more searches are performed. On comparing this
campaign to another one that has reached the top 10 rankings, you may be underbid by many
other bidding campaigns so having a high Ad Rank every day could be a good strategy too.

Ads rank every day and ads move from lower to higher ranks as the user type increases and
vice versa for Google Ads’ customers, meaning that we can depend on Ad Rank in the form of
increase or decrease percentage when sorting steps done by our ad campaign which helps us
assess whether it is working well with the user’s requirements.

Quality Score

Google gives each user a Quality Score that reflects their entire user experience with your ads
and landing pages when they look for your keyword(s). 1 is the lowest integer and 10 is the
greatest. On a scale of 1-10, this is represented. In other words, your ads and landing pages are
useful to your consumers if their Quality Score is high enough. Fine-tune your ads and landing
pages to increase your projected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience
in order to obtain a higher Quality Score.

Ways to Optimize Google Ads

1. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are those which are not related to your product or service but still
appear alongside your exact keyword. While starting an ad campaign, we always remember to
add the keywords. However, we forget to remove negative keywords from our campaign. Not
removing negative keywords will show the ads to an irrelevant target audience. Directing your
efforts towards an audience who does not have a buying intention, is just a waste of resources,
time, and efforts. It will not lead to conversion. It will market you as a company and the
impression of your ad might come back as a conversion but those chances are very low. Hence,
don’t just focus on adding keywords but also focus on removing these negative keywords from
your campaign

google ads negative keywords

2. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Marketing digitally is tricky and you cannot miss any opportunity for marketing in this field.
Optimizing everything can assure you find success while running any campaign. Optimization
of a landing page is also another important activity. A landing page is a page created by the
campaign owner which is linked to the ad copy. When a prospect clicks on the ad, he/she is led
to this page where he/she can land an offer or get an inquiry form. Optimizing a landing page is
crucial, as the CTA buttons and psychological marketing techniques can trigger a person to make
a purchase. There need to be enough CTAs, offers & USP points to convert a prospect. Also, the
user experience and user interface need to be smooth for anyone so that they are prompt to
make a purchase. This will maximize your efforts and increase your sales significantly.

3. Search terms report:

The searches that lead to your ads and how well they perform are tracked in the search terms
report. This research also gives you fresh inspiration for distinctive and landing page material to
satisfy their needs. Search queries that actually drive the traffic are shown in this particular
report. This report offers you insights about the data of the search terms, whether the search
query or search terms are working or not, which search terms are more beneficial for your
campaign. Utilizing the right search terms is extremely crucial as you should increase your

google ads Search term

4. Auction insight report:

You may compare your performance to that of other advertisers who are participating in the
same auctions as you by using the auction insights report. By informing you where you’re
succeeding and where opportunities for enhanced performance may be missed, this data might
assist you in making strategic bidding and budgeting choices. Competitive analysis is an
important part of digital marketing altogether, and one has to compete for the best ethically. If
some things are working great for your competitors, then they will work for you as well. Hence,
an auction insights report can be crucial and essential for your campaign.

5. Using Ad Extensions:

Ad extension is a tool to provide the user with additional information that can help in
conversion. It can be a CTA, phone number, text message, image and many more. This
information can prompt a prospective customer to make the purchase. Standing out in front of
your audience when compared to your competitors can also do the trick for you. While
marketing, use all the resources that are available to your in order to maximize and optimize
your efforts. These extensions give your ad some more space so that it can get registered in the
brains of the prospects. There are various types of extensions that can feature your ad a bit
different. These are:
● Sitelink extension
● Structured Snippet
● Call extension
● Lead Form Extension
● Location Extension
● Affiliate Extension
● Price Extension
● App Extension
● Promotion Extension
● Callout Extension

google ads callout extensions

5. Automatic Bidding Strategies

This is one of the best features that Google ads have to date. Google’s AI can automate the
bidding strategies according to your needs. Automated bidding removes the guesswork and
heavy lifting from setting bids that will meet your performance objectives. There is no need to
update bids for particular ad groups or keywords in contrast to Manual CPC bidding. Based on
the likelihood of your ad resulting in a click or conversion that helps you achieve a specific goal
for your business, Google Ads automatically sets bids for your ads. You may improve clicks,
visibility, and conversions by employing different types of automated bidding strategies.
Automated bidding techniques develop as the campaigns proceed, using data on past bids to
guide future bids.
There are various types of automated bidding types:
● Maximizing Clicks strategy
● Target impression share strategy
● Target CPA (cost per action)
● Target ROAS (Return on ad spent)
● Maximize conversions bidding
● Maximize conversion value

7. A/B Testing your Ads:

Google Ads allows you to run A/B testing on your ads. You can test 2 or more different variants
of an ad and then review the results. This is useful for potential changes in features, campaigns,
keywords that are working well but with minor changes, they may still perform well giving better
overall performance scores. You’ll need something to test on before you can begin testing. Start
small by testing things on your home page and changing your checkout process instead of
blindly testing things. Test a button’s color, remove an unnecessary form field, or make a
modification to a Call To Action (CTA). You may expand the scope of your testing once you’re
comfortable with creating variants and experiments.


While running a PPC campaign on Google Ads, it is necessary to maximize
optimization to achieve the best results. The whole concept of digital marketing is based on
maximizing optimizations be it search engine optimization or PPC or social media marketing.
Practicing more and more of such tips will surely help you in the long run and in turn, you
might find your own tricks and hacks for digital marketing. According to Internet Live
Stats, there are 5.4 million Google searches per minute, 325.65 million per hour, 7.81
billion per day, 54.71 billion per week, 237.75 billion per month, and 2.85 trillion per
year. This means that there is definitely a market for you on the internet as everyone
relies on Google search heavily.
Hence, you should not wait to increase your return on investment (ROI). Start your
keyword research and start a campaign for your business with these best practices

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