How To Choose A Captain For Your Fantasy Cricket Team

Don’t we all wish to be successful at everything we do? The response would be a resounding yes. While our success mostly depends on our individual performance, success in Fantasy Cricket is dictated by the Fantasy Cricket team and especially the Captain of the team.

If you are just getting started with Fantasy Cricket, you must be the recipient of truckloads of advice – solicited and unsolicited alike. ‘Choose your captain wisely’ could be one of the most common pieces of advice. However, if you are still pondering how to play fantasy cricket, you are going to need some help in assimilating all the advice and implementing them at the right time.

In this article, we will discuss how to find the right Captain for your Fantasy Cricket League games. Stay tuned!

Key Tips for Choosing Fantasy Cricket Team Captain

Check for Availability

The Cricketer you have in mind for Captaincy in your cricket fantasy league games needs to be available for the match days. Thus, checking the availability of your desired Captain is the key. Keep a close eye on who is gonna be on Team 11 in the upcoming season, and you won’t have any hassles in getting your dream, Captain.

Batsmen vs Bowlers vs All-rounders

This is a never-ending debate and Fantasy Cricket newbies and veterans all juggle this decision most times. Fantasy Cricket is a game of skills, strategy, and the right decisions. And choosing your Captain could probably be the most crucial decision that needs to be made. Your success in Fantasy Cricket relies on this for a majority of parts.

So, now, let’s address the big elephant in the room. You can choose a top-order batsman to be your Captain depending on the nature of the pitch, the venue, and the gaming dynamics. Certain players in Fantasy games stand more chances to get good bonuses and extra reward points. So, keep your eyes and ears wide open. Choose your batsman captain judiciously.

However, if your opponent team appears to be relatively weak, and the pitch favours bowlers and wicket-takers, maybe your top bowler can be your go-to choice for the Captain.

In case you wish to stay safe in all Fantasy Cricket gaming circumstances, and your opponent team seems to have some great players, your favourite all-rounder can be your Captain and steer the game towards success.

Depending on your gaming frequency of yours and your success rate, you might have the needed points to opt for your favourite all-rounders. In that case, you may choose middle-level batsmen and other next-in-the-line all-rounders to take care of Captain duties too.

Don’t Go For Favouritism

It’s common for you to have one or more favourite players and your wish to get them on your Fantasy Cricket teams as players or the Captain. However, real-time Fantasy game scenarios may demand something else. Choose your Fantasy Cricket players and the Captain based on the game circumstances. Run thorough research on how the pitch is going to be, who all are going to be there on your team and your opponent’s and so on.

Keep A Close Eye on Performances

While a player’s performance in a match does not dictate his performance in the upcoming ones, however, it tends to have an influence. Keep a close eye on the top-performing players lately, no matter whether they are top or middle-order batsmen, bowlers that have taken max wickets or some of the applause-worthy all-rounders. Select the Captain for your Fantasy Cricket League judiciously.

Wrapping Up

Your work does not end after selecting the right Captain just yet. You still have got to devise the competitive strategy and see it through to grab great wins in Fantasy Cricket. No matter who you are on your selected Captain-driven Fantasy Cricket team or how proficient you are at these games, FirstGames by Paytm is the go-to platform for realising your Fantasy Cricket aspirations.

Get, set and GO!

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