Does online Rephrasing Tool really rewrite articles? Let’s find out

If you are here you must be attracted by the title, well rephrasing is the most concerning thing for most writers, students, and professionals.

Rephrasing or Paraphrasing is the ability to comprehend and express original information in different words while maintaining the core meaning of the information.

Rephrasing skill is also considered an essential writing skill though, paraphrasing can be done manually or through an online paraphrasing tool.

But, manual paraphrasing is such a hectic task as it demands a lot of energy and time also, the results of manual paraphrasing are not entirely unique.

Therefore, to fulfill the need for paraphrasing and to overcome the drawbacks of manual paraphrasing AI-based paraphrasing tools are developed.

Paraphrasing tool - Ultimate solution to make your content 100% unique

But, most people often get confused about whether or not paraphrasing tools actually rewrite articles, do you?

If yes, then you don’t have to get confused anymore. In this article, we will be looking at proofs and examples to know whether or not paraphrasing tools actually rewrite articles.

So, let’s get straight to our main discussion.

How Do Rephrasing Tools Work?

A Rephrasing Tool works by analyzing the source content completely and then starting to rewrite the text by changing the words of the source text with synonyms.

The paraphrasing tool does not just rewrite source text with few words replacement but, also changes the sentence structure of the source content so that the paraphrased content is free of plagiarism.

Paraphrasing tools put special focus on maintaining the original sense of the source content otherwise, the paraphrased content will be of no worth and benefit.

Let’s take examples to prove the successful working of paraphrasing tools.

Original Text:

‘’Academic work requires the writer to incorporate the texts of published authors into the material of their own, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the published material, which is used to support his or her ideas in an original manner. Although it is difficult, it is a skill that every student should be taught and taught well as it builds critical thinking, competence, and the ability to express one’s self in a meaningful way.’’ [Source]

Does online Rephrasing Tool really rewrite articles? Let's find out 1

In this image, we can observe that the paraphrasing tool really rewrites the article by replacing the words of the source text with synonyms as we can see in the highlighted words.

If we read the paraphrased text version and then compare it with the source text we can clearly see that both the source and paraphrased text depict the same sense and idea, which is the key focus of paraphrasing tools.

Do Online Paraphrasing Tools Maintain Readability While Rewriting Articles?

This question is asked and discussed by many students and professional writers because many people agreed on the fact that paraphrasing tools ruin the human readability of the content.

Also, if the content is poor in readability it is nothing but useless. According to ‘’ High readability allows you to attract attention, establish authority, and communicate your message effectively.’’

Therefore, it is very important to paraphrase content that is high in human readability, but, does paraphrasing tools think the same?

Let’s find out!


Original Text [Source]

‘’Visuals serve as references to sections of content. When scanning a page, visitors may check the visuals to determine which sections of content to read. At the same time, visuals serve as stopping points. They give visitors a momentary break from reading. Just remember to add relevant visuals that correspond to the sections of content where they are placed.’’

Paraphrased Version:

’Visuals serve as pointers to sections of content. When scanning a page, visitors can examine the visuals to determine which sections of content they want to read. At the same time, the images serve as stopping points. They give visitors a short break from reading.’’

We can see that the paraphrasing tool rewrites the source text by shortening the body of the content which acts as an important factor in improving the readability of the content.

When you paraphrase manually, you often rewrite the complete data that you find online. This is not how you can achieve high readability in paraphrased content.

Therefore, it is great to use the tool for paraphrasing articles where the readability of the content matters.

Wrap Up

The whole article is about knowing and justifying if the paraphrasing tools really rewrite articles as we heard and read in plenty of posts.

Well, we took examples to know how the paraphrasing tools work for rewriting the source content, and in the end, we can say that the tools are actually designed to rewrite articles that are great in readability and quality.

If you are confused like many of us, go read and observe the examples that we shared in the above section, hope it will help you.

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