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Cred Mint is a P2P Lending Platform in India Where you can Invest Your Money and Earn Up to 9% annually.

Yes, You can Request to Withdraw Money anytime there is no penalty.

You Must Have 100,000 Cred Coins in Your Cred App to Unlock Cred Mint and Start Investment.

Yes, Cred Mint is Safe Because it belongs to Cred App.

Cred Mint has partnered with Liquiloans which RBI approved as an NBFC.

Aadhaar, Bank Account, Mobile Number, Email ID.

No, There is no Lock-in Period.

Minimum 100,000 and Maximum 10,000,00.

Yes, But you can't reach there.

Yes, Cred Mint Customer Support is good. You can check by Searching AAAeNOS p2p on Google.

12% Club
Earn Up to 12%
Mobikwik Xtra
Earn Up to 12%
P2P Lendings
Earn Up to 16%
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