Forms of verb list

present V1 Past V2 Past participle V3
Abase Abased Abased
Abash Abashed Abashed
Abate Abated Abated
Abbreviate Abbreviated Abbreviated
Abdicate Abdicated Abdicated
Abjuct Abjucted Abjucted
Abet abetted abetted
abhor abhored abhored
abide abode abode
abolish abolished abolished
abound abounded abounded
abrade abraded abraded
abridge abridged abridged
abscond abscounded abscounded
absent absented absented
absolve absolved absolved
absorb absorbed absorved
abstain abstained abstained
abstract abstracted abstracted
abuse abused abused
abut abuttted abutted
accede acceded acceded
accelerate accelerated accelerated
accent accented accented
accentuate accentuated accentuated
accept accepted accepted
acclaim acclaimed acclaimed
acclimatize acclimatized acclimatized
accolade accoladed accoladed
accommodate accommodated accommodated
accompany accompanied accompanied
accomplish accomplished accomplished
accord accorded accorded
accost accosted accosted
accumulate accumulated accumulated
accuse accused accused
ache ached ached
achieve achieved achieved
acquaint acquainted acquainted
acquire acquired acquired
acquit acquitted acquitted
acquit acquitted acquitted
act acted acted
activate activated activated
actuate actuated actuated
adapt adapt adapted
add added added
addict addicted addicted
address addressed addressed
adjust adjusted adjusted
admire admired admired
admit admited admited
admonish admonished admonished
adopt adopted adopted
adore adored adored
advance advanced advanced
adventure adventured adventured
advertise advertised advertised
advise advised advised
advocate advocated advocated
affect affected affected
agree agreed agreed
alight alighted alighted
ally allied allied
alter altered altered
amaze amazed amazed
ambush ambushed ambushed
ameliorate ameliorated ameliorated
amplify amplified amplified
amuse amused amused
animate animated animated
answer answered answered
apologize apologized apologized
appall appalled appalled
appear appeared appeared
archieve archieved archieved
arise arose arisen
arouse aroused aroused
arrange arranged arranged
arrive arrived arrived
ask asked asked
assemble assembled assembled
assert asserted asserted
attack attacked attacked
attemp attempted attempted
attend attened attended
awake awoke awoken
babysit babysat babysat
bad worse worst
bake baked baked
bar bared bared
bargain bargained bargained
bat batted batted
bath bathed bathed
be was/Were been
bear bore bome
become became become
befall befell befallen
befit befited befited
beget begot begotten
begin began begun
behave behaved behaved
behold beheld beheld
belay belayed belayed
believe believed believed
belong belonged belonged
bend bent bent
bereave bereft bereft
beseech besought besought
beset beset beset
bespeak bespoke bespoken
bet bet bet
bid bade bidden
bin binned binned
bind bound bound
bite bit bitten
blame blamed blamed
bleed bled bled
blink blinked blinked
blither blithered blithered
blow blew blown
board boarded boarded
boast boasted boasted
bob bobbed bobbed
boil boiled boiled
boost boosted boosted
borrow borrowed borrowed
bother bothered bothered
bow bowed bowed
brag bragged bragged
brake braked braked
break broke broken
breed bred bred
broadcast broadcast broadcast
brush burshed breshed
bug bugged bugged
build built built
bum bummed bummed
burgle burgled burgled
burn burnt burnt
burst burst burst
bury burried burried
buy bought bought
cackle cackled cackled
call called called
camouflage camouflaged camouflaged
can could could
cancel canceled canceled
carry carried carried
crave craved craved
cast cast cast
catch caught caught
cause caused caused
celebrate celebrated celebrated
change changed changed
chase chased chased
chat chatted chatted
chatter chattered chattered
cheat cheated cheated
check checked checked
cheque chequed chequed
chew chewed chewed
chide chod chidden
chime chimed chimed
chip chipped chipped
chirp chirped chirped
chisel chiselled chiselled
choose chose choosen
chop chopped chopped
claim claimed claimed
clank clanked clanked
clap clapped clapped
clarify clarified clarified
clean cleaned cleaned
clear cleared cleared
cleave cleaved cleaved
clench clenched clenched
click clicked clicked
climb climbed climbed
cling clung clung
clink clinked clinked
clip clipped clipped
clog clogged clogged
close closed closed
clot clotted clotted
clothe clothed clothed
club clubbed clubbed
code coded coded
collapse collapsed collapsed
collect collected collected
collid collide collide
colour coloured coloured
comb combed combed
come came come
comfort comfort comfort
commence commenced commenced
commit committed committed
compare compared compared
compel compelled compelled
compete competed competed
compile compile compiled
complain complained complained
complete completed completed
compose composed composed
con conned conned
conceal concealed concealed
conclude concluded concluded
condemn condemned condemned
confer conferred conferred
confine confined confined
confiscate confiscated confiscated
confuse confused confused
conquer conquered conquered
consider considered considered
construct constructed constructed
consult consulted consulted
consume consumed consumed
contain contained contained
continue continued continued
contribute contributed contributed
control controlled controlled
convene convened convened
convert converted converted
convey conveyed conveyed
cook cooked cooked
cool cooled cooled
cope coped coped
copy copied copied
correct corrected corrected
cost cost cost
cough coughed coughed
count counted counted
cover covered covered
cram crammed crammed
crash crashed crashed
crawl crwled crawled
create created created
creep crept crept
croak croaked croaked
crop cropped cropped
cross crossed crossed
crow crowed crowed
crush crushed crushed
cry cried cried
cuff cuffed cuffed
cultivate cultivated cultivated
culture cultured cultured
clup clupped clupped
cup cupped cupped
curse cursed cursed
curve curved curved
cut cut cut
dam dammed dammed
damage damaged damaged
dance danced danced
dare dared dared
date dated dated
deal dealt dealt
decide decided decided
decor decorated decorated
defeat defeated defeated
deliver delivered delivered
depart departed departed
deposit deposited deposited
derive derived derived
destory destroyed destroyed
detect detected dectected
deter deterred deterred
develop developed developed
devide devided devided
devour devoured devoured
dial dialled dialled
dig dug dug
dilute diluted diluted
dim dimmed dimmed
direct directed directed
discuss discussed discussed
dishel dishelled dishelled
distil distilled distilled
dive dived dived
divest divested divested
do did done
draft drafted drafted
draw drew drawn
dream dreamed dreamed
drink drank drunk
drip dripped dripped
drive drove driven
drug drugged drugged
drum drummed drummed
dry dried dried
dub dubbed dubbed
dust dusted dusted
dwell dwelt dwelt
eat ate eaten
eliminate eliminated eliminated
emulate emulated emulated
end ended ended
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
enrich enriched enriched
enrol enrolled enrolled
enslave enslaved enslaved
ensure ensured ensured
entertain entertained entertained
envy envied envied
equal equalled equalled
equip equipped equipped
erase erased erased
erode eroded eroded
examine examined examined
excel excelled excelled
excuse excused excused
exercise exercised exercised
exist existed existed
expect expected expected
expect expected expected
explain explained explained
express expressed expressed
fail failed failed
fall fall fallen
fan fanned fanned
feed fed fed
fell felt felt
fetch fetched fetched
fight fought fought
figure figured figured
fill filled filled
film filmed filmed
find found found
finish finished finished
fish fished fished
fit fit fit
fix fixed fixed
flag flagged flagged
flap flapped flapped
flee fled fled
fling flung flung
flip flipped flipped
flog flogged flogged
flop flopped flopped
fly flew flown
follow followed followed
forbid forbade forbidden
force forced forced
forecast forecasted forecasted
forget forgot forgotten
forgive forgave forgiven
format formatted formatted
frame framed framed
freeze freezed freezed
fry fried fried
furnish furnished furnished
gabble gabbled gabbled
gag gagged gagged
gas gassed gassed
get got gotten
give gave given
go went gone
gobble gobbled gobbled
gore gored gored
grab grabbed grabbed
great greated greated
grin grinned grinned
grind ground ground
grip gripped gripped
grit gritted gritted
grovel grovelled grovelled
grow grew grown
guees gueesed gueesed
gun gunned gunned
gut gutted gutted
guzzle guzzled guzzled
hack hacked hacked
hail hailed hailed
handle handled handled
handwrite handwrote handwritten
hang hung hung
happen happend happend
hate hated hated
have had had
hear heard heard
helm helmed helmed
help helped helped
hew hewed hewed
hide hid hidden
hit hit hit
hong hongged hongged
hold held held
hop hopped hopped
hum hummed hummed
hunt hunted hunted
hurt hurt hurt
identify identified identified
ignore ignored ignored
imagine imagined imagined
imbed imbedded imbedded
implement implemented implemented
impress impressed impressed
improve improved improved
include included included
increase increased increased
incur incurred incurred
infer inferred inferred
inform informed informed
inject injected injected
inlay inlaid inlaid
input inputted inputted
instil instilled imstilled
insult insulted insulted
intend intended intended
interlay interlaid interlaid
interview interviewed interviewed
introduce introduced introduced
invent invented invented
invite invited invited
iron ironed ironed
is was been
jam jammed jammed
jangle jangled jangled
jar jarred jarred
jilt jilted jilted
jingle jingled jingled
jog jogged jogged
join joined joined
joke joked joked
jot jotted jotted
judge judged judged
jumble jumbled jumbled
jump jumped jumped
jut jutted jutted
karan karned karanes
keep kept kept
kick kicked kicked
kid kidded kidded
kidnap kidnapped kidnapped
kill killed killed
kiss kissed kissed
knead kneaded kneaded
kneel knelt knelt
knit knitted knitted
knock knocked knocked
knot knotted knotted
know knew known
label labeled labeled
land landed landed
lash lashed lashed
last lasted lasted
laugh laughed laughed
launch launched launched
lay laid laid
lead led led
lean leant leant
leap leapt leapt
learn learned learned
leave left left
lend lent lent
let let let
level levelled levelled
lick licked licked
lie lay lain
lift lifted lifted
light lit lit
like liked liked
linger lingered lingered
link linked linked
list listed listed
listen listened listened
live lived lived
load loaded loaded
loan loaned loaned
locate located located
lock locked locked
lose lost lost
love loved loved
make made made
manage managed managed
mark marked marked
marry married married
master mastered mastered
match matched matched
mature matured matured
maunder maundered maundered
mean meant meant
measure measured measured
meet met met
melt melted melted
memorise memorised memorised
mend mended mended
mention metioned metioned
milk milked milked
mingle mingled mingled
mirror mirrored mirrored
miss missed missed
mistake mistook mistaken
missue missued missued
mix mixed mixed
modify modified modified
mold molded molded
mop mopped mopped
motivate motivated motivated
move moved moved
mow mowed mown
mumble mumbled mumbled
must ought ought
nab nabbed napped
natter nattered nattered
name named named
nap napped napped
need needed needed
negate negated negated
neigh neighed neighed
net netted netted
nod nodded nodded
nominate nominated nominated
note noted noted
notice noticed noticed
number numbered numbered
nuzzle nuzzled nuzzled
obey obeyed obeyed
obtain obtained obtained
occupy occupied occupied
occur occured occured
offer offered offered
omit omitted omitted
open opened opened
operate operated operated
oppose opposed opposed
orbit orbited orbited
order ordered ordered
organize organized organized
outdo outdid outdone
output output output
overcome overcame overcome
overtake overtook overtaken
pacify pacified pacified
pack packed packed
paint painted painted
pamper pampered pampered
pardon pardoned pardoned
park parked parked
participate participated participated
pass passed passed
pay paid paid
peel peeled peeled
pen pened pened
perform performed performed
perish perished perished
persuade persuaded persuaded
persual persual persual
pick picked picked
pin pined pined
pinch pinch pinch
ping pinged pinged
pit pitted pitted
plan planned planned
plant planted planted
play played played
please pleased pleased
plough ploughed ploughed
pluck plucked plucked
polish polished polished
post posted posted
pour poured poured
practice practiced practiced
praise praised praised
prattle prattled prattled
pray prayed prayed
predict predicted predicted
prefer preferred preferred
prepare prepared prepared
present presented presented
produce produced produced
profane profaned profaned
promise promised promised
prosper prospered porspered
prove proved proved
provide provided provided
provoke provoked provoked
publish published published
pull pulled pulled
punch punched punched
punish punished punished
purchase purchased purchased
push pushed pushed
put put put
quarrel quarreled quarreled
quench quenched quenched
question questioned questioned
quit quit quit
raid raid raided
rain rained rained
raise raised raised
rattle rattled rattled
reach reached reached
read read read
realize realized realized
reap reaped reaped
rebuke rebuked rebuked
reced receded receded
receive received received
recite recited recited
reckon reckoned reckoned
recognise recognised recognised
recommend recommended recommended
record recorded recorded
recover recovered recovered
redeem redeemed redeemed
reduce reduced reduced
refuse refused refused
regret regreted regreted
reject rejected rejected
relate related releated
relax relaxed relaxed
relieve relieved relieved
remain remained remained
remind reminded reminded
remove removed removed
rend rent rent
repair repaired repaired
repent repented repented
repine repined repined
reply replied replied
request requested requasted
rescuse rescused rescused
research researched researched
reset reset reset
respect respected respected
restrain restrained restrained
resume resumed resumed
retain retained retained
retire retired retired
return returned returned
revamp revamped revamped
revise revised revised
revoke revoked revoked
rid rid rid
ride rode ridden
rim rimmed rimmed
ring rang rung
rip ripped ripped
rise rose risen
rive rived rived
roam roamed roamed
roar roared roared
rob robbed robbed
roll rolled rolled
rope roped roped
rouse roused roused
rub rubbed rubbed
ruin ruined ruined
rule ruled ruled
run ran run
rush rushed rushed
rusticate rusticated rusticated
saw sawed sawn
say said said
scold scolded scolded
search searched searched
see saw seen
seek sought sought
seld selded selded
sell sold sold
send sent sent
separate separated separated
set set set
sew sewed sewed
shake shook shaken
shape shaped shaped
share shared shared
shave shaved shaved
shear sheared sheared
shed shed shed
shine shone shone
shoe shoed shoed
shoot shot shot
shove shoved shoved
show showed shown
shrink shrank shrunk
shrive shrove shriven
shut shut shut
sing sang sung
sink sank sunk
sit sat sat
skim skimmed skimmed
slay slew slain
sleep slept slept
slide slid slidden
sling slung slung
slink slunk slunk
smash smashed smashed
smell smelt smelt
smite smote smitten
smooth smoothed smoothed
snatch snatched snatched
sneak sneaked sneaked
soak soaked soaked
soft softer softer
solve solved solved
soup souped souped
sow sowed sowed
speak spoke spoken
spend spent spent
spin spun spun
spit spat spat
split split split
spoil spoilt spoilt
spread spread spread
spring sprang sprung
stand stood stood
start started started
stave stove stove
stay staid staid
steal stole stolen
stick stuck stuck
stink stank stunk
stop stopped stopped
strew strewed strewn
strike struck struck
string strung strung
strive strove striven
study studied studied
succeed succeeded succeeded
support supported supported
swear swore sworn
sweet sweet sweet
sweep swept swept
swim swam swum
take took taken
talk talked talked
taste tasted tasted
teach taught taught
tear tore torn
tell told told
think thought thought
throw threw thrown
tick ticked ticked
track tracked tracked
trap trapped trapped
tread trod trodden
trickle trickled trickled
trip tripped tripped
trust trusted trusted
try tried tried
tug tugged tugged
tweet tweeted tweeted
unlog unloged unloged
understand understood understood
unstring unstrung unstrung
verify veryfied veryfied
visit visited visited
wait waited waited
wake woke woken
walk walked walked
want wanted wanted
wash washed washed
waste wasted wasted
watch watched watched
wear wore worn
weave wove woven
weep wept wept
wiggle wiggled wiggled
will would would
win won won
wind wound wound
wink winked winked
wipe wiped wiped
wish wished wished
withdraw withdrew withdrawn
wring wrung wrung
wrinkle wrinkled wrinkled
write wrote written
yawn yawned yawned
yield yielded yielded
zinc zinced zinced

These are All Form Of Verb and red words all Irregular Verb