5 Reasons Why Upholstered Beds Are Trending
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5 Reasons Why Upholstered Beds Are Trending

Beds are something that has become a part of our routine, especially during the nighttime. If you are having a work-from option, then the bed will automatically be the place for working, eating, resting, and even more. They play an important role in giving us good quality sleep since the bed and mattress work a better role in making our sleep quality better and without any sort of disturbance.

There are two different types of beds which are differentiated based on the size category. One is a king-size bed and another is a queen-size bed. King size bed is a better option if you are having a big size room or looking for a bed that could be apt for couples and kids. A Queen size bed is another option that has quite a difference in the size of an inch. It could make the best pair for couples or sometimes for kids’ beds.

Rather than going for just an accessory look for quite lavish designs to make your overall private space even more beautiful. Get your hands on the modern upholstered bed. You can explore different types of beds in the specific area, to make your area even better.

1.   Sparks – Queen Size Bed:

The bed has a unique design in the case, which has to bend and a more comfortable kind of back case on one side of your bed. Adding this bed to your bedroom will give you a warm, layered, and curved attachment to it. The headboard with a curve makes this bed a unique model. It is something that is unique compared to the other models that are available. It is a kind of no-designer bed but speaks but it’s a warm colour and attractive design embedded it. The height of the bed is around 900 in total with dimensions around 2260 length and about 1890 width. There are different frames and footboards available which you can choose from the collections available.

2.   The fifties – Queen Size Bed:

It is a classic and timeless kind of bed which is a beautiful decor that you can add to your room space. The headboard is quite smooth and soft, which makes the overall design a perfect choice to go with. Here, in this model, the headboard is quite slanted, which gives a perfectly relaxed kind of feel thinking of comfort as a main motive. The dimensions of this model are around 2430 length, 1115 height and about 2000 width.

3.   Harper Bed:

The king-size bed has special side panels that give a beautiful picture by adding a touch of beauty to the overall room space. The bed gives an awesome kind of classy touch to your house area. There are different colours that you can explore like brown, aqua, ivory, blue, pink, green, red, and many more. All the colours are mild and do help in making your room warm, and at the same time beautiful.

4.   Nelson Bed:

A king-size bed that you can go for if you are looking for a bigger-sized bed version. A vintage kind of home decor that looks and feels sleek and beautiful in its own way. There are unique colour combinations available, with beautiful fabrics and eco-leather blended with them. You can get in different colours like orange, shades of blue, and many more.

5.   Bowie Bed:

If you are looking for a luxurious kind of bed, then this is one of the best choices to go with. The rich kind of fabrics can give a beautiful texture to the bedroom. There are also different colour combinations available.

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