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Who Created Tik Tok ?

After the merger, Tik Tok made of musically and ByteDance. musically Created By Alex Zhu And Luyu Yang In 2014 (China). But Musically Bought By Chinese short Videos App ByteDance in $ 1 billion. Then ByteDance Gave a new Name Tik Tok On 2 August 2018. Tik Tok Is Short Video Sharing App.

Tik Tok Biography & Success Story

We Are Discuss About Who Created Tik Tok. And how did Bytedance Bought In $ 1 USD billion? The first time two friends Alex Zhu And Luyu Yang Discuss About Create For Education Purpose App For Learning In Which All content available requirement of students. and they started their work and finally the app created in 6 months. both friends had expected this app will be successful and popular. but opposite effect on their project. Then after some time, they discussed creating a short video app for entertainment. and finally created musically . they are the first time launched Tik Tok In the USA and China In 2014 . Musically Responded better. That’s the time In 2016 Already had been a short video app ByteDance. app Made (2016) whose was similar musically . then ByteDance offered to Musically . then Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang Agreed to sell . then finally Bytedance Bought in $ 1 Billion in 9 November 2017 . ByteDance merged in musically and gave a new name Tik Tok and launched 2 August 2017 .

Effect On Tik Tok

uneducated And senseless peoples use Tik Tok mostly time spend on Tik Tok . so once India banned in 2019 but some cases after improveed Tik Tok again launched in India . If You Spend time on Tik Tok then bad for You Because Some Survey Tik Tok is an Entertainment app and it’s only spent our time. if you use Tik Tok for some Minutes then good. and if you use in hours then very bad for you . so I suggest Tik Tok Use for some Minutes like 10 minutes, 20 minutes , 30 minutes .

When Invented Tik Tok?

Tik Tok Finally Invented On 2 August 2017 . ByteDance And Musically merge Then made Tik Tok .

Who Invented Tik Tok ?

Tik Tok merge ByteDance And Musically. musically Created By Alex Zhu And Luyu Yang In 2014 . Then ByteDance Bought Musically $ 1 billion. Then merge ByteDance and Musically . And Gave the name Tik Tok by ByteDance On 2 August 2017.

the most-followed account on TikTok 2020

  1. Charli D’Amelio 45M+ (USA Dancer)
  2. Loren Gray 43M+ (USA Singer)
  3. Zach King 39M+ (USA magician)
  4. Tiktok 38M+ (Company CN)
  5. Riyaz.14 34M+ (India lipsing)
  6. Babyariel 32M+ (USA singer&actress)
  7. Addison Rae 30M+ (USA vlogger)
  8. Faisal Shaikh 27M+ (India Actor)
  9. Spencerx 27M+ (USA music man)
  10. Gil Croes 26M+ (USA Social..)

highest followers on tik tok 2020

TikTok AccountFollowersVideosOccupationGenderNationalism
1. Charli D’Amelio 45M+2.5KDancerFemaleUSA
2. Loren Gray 42M+1.1KSingerFemaleUSA
3. Zach King 39M+0.2KMagicianMaleUSA
4. Tiktok38M+0.01KN/AN/AChina
5. Riyaz.14 34M+1.6KLipsing & mimicryMaleIndia
6. Babyariel32M+2.2KActress & SingerFemaleUSA
7. Addison Rae 31M+0.8KVloggerFemaleUSA
8. Faisal Shaikh27M+0.01KActorMaleIndia
9. Spencerx27M+0.9KMusician MaleUSA
10. Gil Croes26M+0.6K Social Network kingMaleUSA

Most Tik Tok Users By Country

  1. India – 200 million
  2. USA – 43 million
  3. Turkey – 25 million
  4. Russia – 21 million
  5. Pakistan – 20 million

Most Tiktok users by Country 2020

CountryUsers (TikTok)
1. India200 million
2. USA43 million
3. Turkey25 million
4. Russia21 million
5. Pakistan20 million

In Which Country Made TikTok?


Indian Tik Tok Star

Riyaz 34M
Faisal Shaikh 27M
Zanat Zubair 25M
Arishfa khan 24M+
Anveet Kaur 21M

Most Highest Followers On Tik Tok Account In 2020

Charli D’Amelio 45M

Which Country Use Most Tik Tok?

1. India – 200 million
2. USA – 43 million
3. Turkey – 25 million
4. Russia – 21 million
5. Pakistan – 20 million

I Hope You This Is Best Option who created tik tok? You would familiar with it. We Also Discuss. Which Country Use Most Tik Tok .