What Is MS paint ? Introduction & 23 Shortcuts .

What Is MS paint and shortcutes

MS paint Is so simple graphic design launched by Microsoft company in the USA. MS paint launch in 1985. MS paint Available In All Windows Version OS.

What Is MS Paint?

AnsMS paint is Utility software & graphics design software. this software is system software for Windows OS. here is multi-tools for create project like- pencil, brush, Eraser, color box, text, rectangles, etc . these all tools help to so simple design .extension of MS paint is . BMP .

Introduction MS paint.

We are familiar with What Is MS paint and we know that MS paint Created By Microsoft Company In 1985.

Why Do We Use MS paint?

MS paint uses to create a picture and create a drawing. here we can change any image format and also resize any image size.

How to Start MS paint?

We Have multi Ideas For Start MS paint.
Step-1 – Click On Windows Start Button Then Click Accessories Then Click MS paint.
Step- 2 – Click On Windows Start Button Then Write In Dialog BoxMS paint“.
Step-3 – First Press Windows+R on your keyboard then show a dialog box write “MSPaint” Then Press Enter or Click Ok on screen.

menu Bar In MS paint.

what is ms paint
MS paint Menu

MS paint In 3 Menu Bar But One Hidden but Icon Show.

  1. File
  2. Home
  3. View

1. File

In MS paint File IS First Hidden Menu In MS paint In Which Many Option Available Like- Open, New, Properties, Save, Save as , Print And more Option .

2. Home

Home Menu Is Default Open When You Open MS pain In Which Many Different Option With Multi-Category Like – Pencil, Eraser, Color Box , Text Area, Rectangle, Resize, Fill, Blur, Copy, Move, Paste And More Options. Category In-Home Menu -(Clipboard, Image, Tools, Shapes, Color )

3. View

In View Menu MS Paint Here Is Some Advance Option For Your Project Like – Zoom In, Zoom Out, Rulers, Gridlines, Status Bar , Full Screen , Thumbnaile . Here Is Three Category In View Menu Zoom , Show or hide, Display.

ms paint shortcut

MS paint ShortcutsKeyboard
1. ctrl+zundo
2. ctrl+yredo
3. ctrl+ncreate a new page
4. ctrl+oopen
5. ctrl+ssave
6. ctrl+pprint
7. ctrl+eimage properties
8. ctrl+vpaste
9. ctrl+ccopy
10. ctrl+xcut
11. ctrl+aselect all
12. ctrl+wresize & skew
13. ctrl++zoom in selected tools
14. ctrl+-zoom out selected tools
15. ctrl+pageUpZoom In
16. ctrl+PageDownzoom Out
17. ctrl+rrulers activities
18. ctrl+ggridlines
19. ctrl+f11full screen
20. f12save as
21. alt+f4close
22. Windows+Dminimize
23. DelDelete

Finally World

We Are suggest if you are adult & parents then please learn basic MS paint because here is some awesome feature need you future today mostly peoples use MS paint for Basic Graphic Design & Resize Image or Reduce size and change image format and more work you can do here . MS paint tutorials available on youtube you learn & also teaches your kids .

What Is MS Paint?

MS paint is Utility softwarer & graphics design software. this software is system software for windows OS . here is multi tools for create project like- pencil , brush , Eraser , color box , text , rectangles etc . these all tools help to so simple design .extension of MS paint is .BMP . Read More

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