10+ Rich and High Source Of Protein Food

There are Available Rich Source Of Protein Foods You Can Get Easily. This All food cheapest Price And is High Source Of Protein To Build Muscles. Egg, Fish, Chicken and more Protein Food Get 36 Grams Protein In Soybean.

  1. Chicken 27g
  2. Almond 26g
  3. Fish 22g
  4. Pulse 22g
  5. Egg 12g
  6. Cottage Cheese 11g
  7. Yogurt 10g
  8. Flour 10g
  9. Milk 3.4g

1. Soybean

Soybean Is a Rich And High protein source food. this food you can get anywhere easily. Even, though this food is so cheap. Soybean Most Produce Eastern Asia. in 100 grams of Soybean = Protein-36g. and Carbs-30g . and calories 446.

2. Chicken

chicken is meat high and rich source of protein chicken we can get anywhere easily. Chicken nutrition in 100 gram – protein-27g, carbs-0, and Cal-240

3. Almond

Almond are dry fruits and the best source of protein, magnesium, and Vitamin E. almonds produce in top countries – USA, Spain, Italy, Iran, Syria, etc.. nutrition in almonds is 100g= protein-25g, carbs- 19G, Cal- 595, Vitamin-E 26 mg

4. Fish

Fish is the best food for protein and the brain. most producer countries of fish are China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, USA. nutrition in fish per 100g= PROTEIN-22G , Carbs-0 ,cal-82 .

5. Pulse

Pulse are a veg food and rich protein and carbs top countries producing pulses India, Canada, Myanmar, China, Nigeria, etc.. in pulse all nutrition = protein-22g, carbs-56g, cal-298?

6. Egg

Egg is best veg and non-veg food in which maximum nutrition get like calcium, Magnesium, Multi-Vitamin And Also rich Protein .all nutrition = protein-12g,carbs-0, cal-83 in 100g egg and 1 size normal egg has protein-6g,carbs-0, cal-41.

7. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is the best source of protein, and calcium if you want to lose weight and build muscle then the best food for you. 100g Cottage Cheese nutrition protein-11g, carbs-4g,cal-98.

8. Flour

flour is rich energy food and also get carbs and protein and calories top countries producing flour-China, India, Russia, USA, France, Canada, etc.. in 100g get nutrition= protein-10g carbs-72g,cal-330.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt is best veg food made with milk help to lactobacillus bacteria in which get protein, calcium, potassium, Sodium, etc in 100g nutrition in yogurt= protein-10g,carbs-4g, cal-60?

10. Milk

Milk Is Best Source Of Calcium,Protein. Top Countries Producing USA,India,China,Germany,France Top 10 Countries Producing Milk Countries In 100g Nutrition= Protein-3.4g,Carbs-4g,Cal58.

Protein Requirement For Human Body Best I Advise That If Your Weight 50 Kg Then Per/Day Require 50g Protein Scilicet Per Kg Equal To 1g Need Protein. If You Doing Hard Working Like Gym Or Labor-Work Then Per Kg Weight Equal To 1.4g To 1.5g Protein Need Per Day.

Source Of Protein List
Source Of ProteinIn Per 100g
1. Soybean36g
2. Chicken27g
3. Almond26g
4. Fish22g
5. Pulse22g
6. Egg12g
7. Cottage Cheese11g
8. Flour10g
9. Yogurt10g
10. Milk 3.4g