Five Reasons Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Supplies Is The Ideal Lawn For Families Living In Sydney

Are you in the market to purchase turf to accommodate a busy family life within Sydney or the Sydney region? Here are our top five reasons to believe that Sir Walter Buffalo Turf will be a great Buffalo Turf for families within Sydney. 

1. It’s low maintenance

Families with young children understand the value of time spent on weekends. After a long and tiring week, why would you spend your time cutting, fertilizing, weeding, and maintaining your lawn instead of spending time enjoying your garden? Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified turf is naturally less prone to damage from pests more resistant to diseases, and requires less care than other grasses that are available in Sydney. This means that homeowners are able to enjoy cutting down on the time spent fertilizing and weeding their lawns and spending more time benefitting from it.

2. It’s hard wearing and Self Repairing

Nothing is better than letting your children outside to burn off energy and also get a workout. Backyard footy cricket, as well as swing sets as well as trampolines, slides, and lawn furniture, can take a heavy toll on the lawn’s surface leading to damage like bare spots or premature browning. Sir Walter Buffalo turf with its tightly groomed growth habits provides a high degree of wear resistance and can handle heavy traffic and even sometimes, a thrilling touchdown!

Its self-repairing ability will mean that the risk of damaged patches beneath swings is reduced and the lawn will heal itself after you move your swing.

In addition, the tolerance to shade of Sir Walter Buffalo turf also means that it will retain its color longer under shade conditions, like in lawn furniture and trampolines as opposed to other grass types, and bounce back to health fast after the objects have been taken away.

3. Its soft-leaf nature is perfect for pets and kiddies.

Buffalo lawns that were scuffed and scruffy were a common sight in the Aussie lawns we grew up in. Thankfully, just similar to the mullet hairstyle as well as MC Hammer pants, they are now a thing of the past. New varieties of buffalo with soft leaves like Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo are extremely soft, luscious, and irritant-free – perfect for both pets and kids.

4. It’s great for Allergy Sufferers

People suffering from allergies and those with hay fever can breathe easier when they use Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf. This type of grass has significantly lower levels of pollen than the other types. Additionally, its soft blades reduce irritation compared to other grass types. The inherent resistance to disease and pests also means fewer pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are needed in order to maintain your yard looking beautiful throughout the year which is good news for everyone, but particularly those who have allergies.

5. It promotes a healthy and active outdoor Life

The increasing demands for Sydney households can be harmful to the health of the family. The constant rush from one activity to another, in between school drop-off and pick-up, as well as work and activities after school, means that families have little time to get together and even get active and physically active.


There you go Sir Walter Buffalo turf really is the ideal choice of grass for the busy Sydney families. This low-maintenance grass is soft, has a low allergy, and keeps its gorgeous color throughout the year. Hardy in the natural world, and with the capacity to self-repair and withstand the stresses of daily life with family leave the homeowner with time to relax in your yard.

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