7 Best Online Multiplayer Games to Play & Enjoy with Friends


Online games might not be new for you, but they gained popularity over the past few years especially in 2020 when there was a quarantine period, and people had to spend their days and nights apart. They need something which can kill their boredom and stay connected with their friends. So, what can be more beneficial than playing online games with them and enjoying them? 

 There are different online games like Connections game that one can play with their friend. One can choose according to his taste. It creates a virtual environment, and the people play with their friends as they are playing traditionally by sitting in one room. Hop over to this website to know more about such impressive stuff that kills boredom.

This blog will take you to the 7 online multiplayer games you can play and enjoy with your friends. So, let’s get started. 

Online Multiplayer Games to Play

There are a variety of multiplayer online gaming options like Wordle that offer numerous facilities like free internet to play with your friends and free VPN to connect to your friends sitting in another nation. Know how to get free internet and enjoy gaming online.

  1. Garlic Phone 

It might be the best online multiplayer game that you can play freely. It is designed based on a classic telephone game with added digital features. You can download this game free from the play store and start killing boredom online today. It allows you to make a group of your friends by adding them on a voice call and creating a virtual environment. The most exciting thing about it is that you can make a group of 30 players at a time. In this game, the players need to draw objects and interpret sentences.

  1. Skribbl 

If you have to spend most of your time at home, you should unleash your artistic skills with this great online multiplayer game. Even if you are fed up, want to kill boredom online and want to do something exciting, then it is time to let your friends suffer from your terrible drawing skills. It is a draw and guesses game in which one player draws an object on his turn, and the rest of the players guess the object’s name. It is a free browser-based game that allows playing with 6 more players, including you. 

  1. Among Us

“Among us” is also one of the games that have earned popularity in the last two years. It encourages social distancing and allows creating a group of 10 members. In this game, you need to pick whether to be an innocent crewmate or a killer where you should either stay alive or kill all other crewmates. Sound’s exciting? So why shouldn’t you play it today as it is freely available at your play store?

  1. Psych 

If you are good at pretending and want to show your deceiving skills to your friends, then Psych can be the best online multiplayer game for you. It is a word game that allows you to create multiple fake options of a question to ask your friends. It consists of numerous fun categories that you can pick at the start of the game. 

  1. Board Game Arena 

Nowadays, social gathering is banned, and you cannot play board games with your friends. Here is a solution “board game arena”. It comes with 230 games. You can choose the one you like and play as it is very easy to use even for beginners. You cannot only play with your friends but can also play any member of the community of the board game arena freely. 

  1. Tabletopia 

Tabletopia is also a game for board lovers with over 1k games to play online for free. It also allows you to create a personal game to test your game designing skills

  1. Sky: Children of Light 

If you love to play adventurous games, it can be the best option for you. It is an award-winning game that offers multiple options and modes to play multiplayer online games. It comes with various challenges, and you can pass through these challenges by joining hands with your friends. 


It’s time to challenge your friends and invite them to the epic competition by following safety measures required to adopt in the prevailing epidemic. Online games provide an excellent opportunity to connect with your friends whom you cannot meet these days. The blog has presented the most common 7 online games to play and enjoy with your friends. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you.