Problem: My Website is not Indexed in Bing

Is Your Website not Indexed in Bing Search Engine? while you followed all Guidelines. or error showing “The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We recommend you to follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines to increase your chances of indexation.”

First Open and Check Your Website by typing

My Website is not Indexed in Bing

If not Showing then follow these below steps.

My Website is Not Indexed in Bing – Reasons

  • Have you waited some time?
  • Have You submitted Sitemap?
  • Have You Submitted Your Website Link by URL Inspection?
  • Have You given permission to the robots.txt file for crawling?
  • Have You ever Check Your Website Source Code (Ctrl+U/Inspec)? which shouldn’t have <meta name=”robots” content=”NOINDEX”>
  • Are You sure You haven’t Blocked your Website or Page From Block URLs in Bing Webmaster tools?
  • Are You Sure Your Website is Good Loading with Average Time and not redirecting, don’t have malware?
  • Are You Sure You Have Followed These Guidelines – Bing Webmaster GuideLines and Bing Website Index Guidelines
  • Are You Sure that you haven’t used bad SEO Methods to rank your website?
  • Are You Sure You haven’t linked your website with Penalyzed Websites by Bing?

There Are Some Reasons you have therefore your website is not indexed. if you have followed all Guidelines. and still, Your Site is not indexed in Bing Then Follow These Steps.

I think Maybe You can have a Problem that is Your Site linked to Spammy Website.

If your Website is linked with Spammy Website then go to Bing Webmaster Tools / in Backlink Section / Disavow Tab and Put Spammy Websites in that Box and Submit them.

bing disavow link

Contact Team to Index My Website in Bing

If You Have Followed All Steps and Guidelines Still Not Your Website Showing or Index in Bing Then Contact Bing Team by this Link. They Will Try to Solve your Problem.

go through Bing Webmaster Support link and fills that form Your Name, Email, Select Your Website, Select Problem as “Indexing” Again in the below Box Select “My Website in not Index” Then Click “Still Have a Question” Now Describe Your Problems and Struggles and Click Get Help. Now Team Will Contact Shortly by Email.

my website not index on bing - contact bing webmaster


I hope, if you have followed this Article Then Your Website will be Index Soon. or Bing Team will Provide Problems that are reasons Your Website is not indexed. you can reply by email once they are contacted you.

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