5 Latest Tricks To Build Authority Backlinks For Your Website

Backlinks play a vital role in all search engine ranking factors, including google. It is one of the processes of performing SEO for your website and acquiring hyperlinks from other highly authoritative websites. When you have more authoritative SEO backlinks, google considers it as a vote of confidence, and your website could easily boost on the search engine results page (SERPs). Follow the latest tricks in this article to get more information for building quality backlinks for your website.

Unique And Attractive Content

Unique and attractive content is one of the most effective ways to build high-quality backlinks. When you publish well-performing and attractive content by inserting your website link, there are more chances for people to click and view your website. Creating informative content is a trick for you to gain more organic traffic.

Once you decide to write content, make sure it is better than your competitors because your content only makes your website look professional. Always try to use target keywords for inserting your website link in your content.

Guest Blogging 

Writing guest posts for other high-quality sites is a more powerful way to get authority SEO backlinks for your website. Still, many websites are accepting guest blogging, you could check the relevant sites for your content, reach them out through other social media platforms, and request guest post submissions. Outreaching other website owners with professional mail helps to reach your niche relevant sites and maintain a good relationship. You not only get backlinks through guest posting but also improve your online reputation.

Email outreach is another way for guest post submissions to contact the concerned person of that website. You could send a professional email to them asking whether to send across some topics for their consideration. Find guest blogging websites with these key terms in the search engine, keyword + guest posts, keyword + become a contributor.


For the past few years, infographics have been the most popular method for driving traffic to your website and building high-quality backlinks. With infographics, you could showcase the visual facts, figures, and stats to your target audience. Include anchor text to your website in relevant places that go along with your infographics. Once you create your infographics, you will also mention them on other social media. Build backlinks with infographics to make your website stronger and more impactful.

Broken link building 

Broken link building is an effective SEO strategy because it is useful for both publishers and marketers. When you carry out a broken link-building site, you have a chance to ensure all your existing links to your site are working effectively. While detecting outbound links on websites and connecting to webmasters to get a new backlink from the recognized broken link. So it increases your website’s visibility and gets more traffic to your website.

Competitor’s strategy

You have to keep an eye on your competitor’s link-building or content strategies. Make yourself alert when your competitors publish new content on their websites. Follow them on social media or subscribe to their email newsletters for getting notifications of their new activities. Always work smarter to identify what methods your competitors use to promote their website and link-building tactics. If they are getting links from guest blogging, you could approach those bloggers and send a request mail to them for guest post submission.


Well! There are lots of ideas for manual link building. But sometimes building high-quality backlinks is challenging for all. Now use the above tricks and techniques of link building and boost your website traffic using high-quality link building