How to Write an Impressive Research Paper for High Grades

How to Write an Impressive Research Paper for High Grades

What comes into your mind when told to write a research paper? Do you feel overwhelmed or consider the task a positive challenge? Research papers and other academic writings like essays and proposals have been part of the education system for so long. Therefore, whether you’re studying in a local college or overseas, these academic pieces can’t be taken out of the equation.

Although some students may easily get along in writing college assignments and essays, writing a research paper may prove daunting. It is true that research papers require extra input which is normally in the form of time, research, and support. At this juncture, we would like to discover what a research paper is and what it takes to create an impressive research paper.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is an extended piece of writing that provides a detailed analysis of a topic in an area of study. Research papers do also provide personal interpretations or perspectives about an idea, issue, or a topic, however, they must be supported by evidence. The evidence may support a statement or disagree with it and then a conclusion is provided to present the writer’s final say.

An academic research paper requires formidable research skills and analytical skills for it to stand out or effectively display an argument. That’s why there are many people who may find writing academic research papers overwhelming and time-consuming. But with mastery, one can enjoy writing a research paper and can use the opportunity to display creativity and intriguing insights. So, how can you write an impressive research paper?

7 Things to Put in Mind to Deliver an Impressive Research Paper 

Research papers are a great way to display your research skills, in-depth knowledge, and more so, to test your intellectual capabilities. People globally use research papers to attain insights about anything in any field of discipline. Whether one wants to learn about a new trend or attain insights about the evolvements in the scientific realm, research papers are the obvious choice. At this juncture, we would like to look at a few things to consider if you want to come up with an impressive research paper. Generally, a research paper will help you garner a high score and exceptional recognition in your field.

  1. Choose a Comfortable Topic

The best part of the story is that you get the opportunity to choose the topic of your choice. Although there may be guidelines, there are higher chances that you will have to choose your own topic. This offers you the chance to work within your capabilities and avoid being overwhelmed.

However, as you choose your topic, make sure to choose a relevant theme. The online world represents a range of topics in all fields of study, but it’s essential to choose a significant topic. Avoid writing on topics that are outdated or won’t capture the attention of your audience.

For example, you can choose a topic like “What’s the possible impact of GMO foods consumption on the body?” Or you can choose another topic on the impact of the 2020 pandemic. Avoid general topics and precisely, choose a specific niche.

  1. Do Some Research

As much as you may have rushing ideas in your brain, it is highly crucial to engage in research. Research papers are highly about evidence, facts, and previous findings that do work to support your opinions. Depending on the topic, you may have to gather primary and secondary data and present an analysis and a conclusion.

Try to visit the library or check out academic papers, and journals online to obtain quality data and information. Avoid relying on your own ideas, especially when the research paper requires you to tackle both sides of the subject matter.   

  1. Create a Thesis Statement

One of the most important elements of academic writing is this. Whether it’s an essay or a research paper, a thesis statement is a crucial part of your academic paper. A thesis statement is a line, normally in the introduction part that displays the topic and the purpose of your research paper.

It also serves as a hook that can motivate other researchers to read your research paper. A thesis statement must be written clearly to portray you as a professional researcher. Learn how to write a thesis statement because every research paper and essay must have one.

  1. Include your Thoughts

Although research papers must be filled with formidable sources, that doesn’t mean that you should copy everything from the online realm or books. Make sure to present your ideas and views as well because this is what makes your paper unique and purposeful. Try to make a draft where you pen down what you want to say or the points you want to include in your research paper. Then try to gather supporting evidence from other research papers. 

  1. Provide Supporting Evidence

Like a thesis statement, a research paper is never complete without supporting evidence. This can be in the form of facts, data, and examples. Supporting evidence in the form of citations or quotations amplifies the weight of your research paper.

Also, ensure to cite your sources correctly. Plagiarism is a critical ethical issue and can have serious consequences. Where possible, try to paraphrase the content, use quotation marks, or use tools to eliminate plagiarism. These research skills can help you attain additional and essential job skills you may need for your professional career.

  1. Provide an Outline

A research paper outline serves as a guide for your readers. It consists of the different topics you are tackling in the research paper and the subtopics in a given order. Many readers want to simply land on a research paper with a clear description of what they are going to obtain from it.

In this case, an outline serves as a roadmap to what to expect in the research paper. Therefore provide an outline to show your readers what you are writing about. Also, be organized. An outline is also a supportive structure for an organized research paper. 

  1. Proofread and Edit the Final Draft

Having written your research paper, you must ensure to proofread it. Proofreading your research paper offers you the opportunity to make the necessary changes. For example, you get the chance to evaluate the tone and the flow of your research paper and check the grammar, word choice, and spelling. Guidelines may require you to provide a cover page or an abstract. So, this is the stage to consider the same.

This phase also allows you to know whether you have included all the required details in your paper. Additionally;

  • Check whether your content aligns with the question
  • Assess whether your sources are cited properly
  • Eliminate unwanted paragraphs, or
  • Avoid vagueness

Conclusion These are some of the most important tips you can follow to come up with an impressive and powerful research paper. Depending on the available time, ensure to plan your research paper to meet the deadline. You may also choose to create a first draft in case you have ample time.

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