Complete Guide To Make A Food Delivery App Like Postmates

Complete Guide To Make A Food Delivery App Like Postmates 1

Due to the busy lifestyle of people, on-demand apps like Postmates have become increasingly popular. Postmates is a demand food delivery app that is active in over 2940 metropolitan cities across the United States. Postmates charges a nominal fee to deliver items from surrounding restaurants and stores to customers’ doorsteps.  

Some Interesting Stats About Postmates 

  • Postmates was launched in 2011 
  • It has headquarters in San Francisco, California 
  • Postmates has 10 million monthly active users 
  • More than 600,000 merchants are there on Postmates 
  • In 2020, Postmates was taken over by Uber for $265 billion 
  • Postmates cover around 82% of the US market in the on-demand food delivery industry 

How does Postmates work? 

Step 1: determine a need. This is the very first step, customers need some app from which they can order food online. Postmates understood this need and created an online platform. 

Step 2: Customers search for their favorite food from their favorite restaurant. 

Step 3: Customers choose the items and put them in the cart. 

Step 4: Customers pay through the various payment methods available on the app. 

Step 5: Restaurants get notification about the order and they start preparing it. 

Step 6: Drivers get a notification about the order, and one of the nearby drivers accepts the request. 

Step 7: The driver picks up the order from the restaurant at the earliest and delivers it to the customer. 

Revenue and Business Model of Postmates 

With the strategy planning, Postmates was able to earn $500 million dollars. The business and revenue model of Postmates is as follows:

Delivery Fee 

Users are required to pay a delivery fee of $5, which gets reduced to $3 or less during special promotions. 80% of the delivery fee goes to delivery agents and rest to Postmates. 

Convenience Fee 

A 9% convenience fee is charged to users to get the products delivered to their home. This directly goes to Postmates. 

Fee by Merchants 

Merchants that are listed on Postmates have to pay fee to the platform. Merchants get the exposure and customers from the platform and in return they pay a fixed price to the platform. 

Marketing Strategy of Postmates 

Every business relies on customers, and the more the better. Customers have a direct impact on a company’s success or failure. Even after gaining their interest, converting a huge audience into users is a challenge for businesses. In the beginning, the company used a number of marketing methods to strengthen the customer base. They used online and offline advertising, promos, and other marketing tactics, as well as digital marketing. As shown by the digital marketing funnel, drawing attention is a top issue for businesses. 

 The engagement and explanation of the business to clients is the second phase of the funnel. This is the point at which the company must persuade the audience to attempt something new. A good marketing campaign on various online platforms is the key to the success of a food delivery app like Postmates. 

The engagement and explanation of the business to clients is the second phase of the funnel. This is the point at which the corporation must persuade the audience to attempt something new. 

Postmates’ audience evolved naturally as they attracted clients through both traditional and new marketing methods, which is why Postmates for business is so beneficial. One of the most essential ways it grew was by word of mouth. Word of mouth is incredibly crucial to businesses, particularly startups, but they must maintain a high level of quality and continually improve their services in order to obtain it. As a result, Postmates made use of this marketing strategy to gain customers and profit. 

Some FAQs About Postmates 

Q. What is the hourly rate for Postmates? 

It is completely determined by the number of deliveries made and the tips received by the driver. On the other hand, an experienced Postmates driver may expect to make $25 per hour on average. 

Q. What is the cost of delivery with Postmates? 

The shipping price for Partner Merchants is in the range of $0.99–$3.99, while it is around $5.99–$9.99 for other merchant categories. When there is a rush in demand, shipping prices go up right away. 

Q. How can you make an app that works similarly to Postmates? 

Making an app like Postmates includes a number of steps, including selecting an on-demand mobile app development company, deciding on the app’s feature set, and choosing on the technological stack that will be utilized to build the app. Many individuals look for a food delivery app like Postmates that can bring food on demand

Postmates is revolutionizing the way local goods are delivered by allowing anyone to get any product delivered in under an hour. Customers are connected to local couriers who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store in a city through Postmates’ breakthrough urban logistics and on-demand delivery network. 

Final Words 

Postmates has been on a roll, thanks to word of mouth and the media. Referrals have fueled the company’s growth, but as competition heats up, it has turned to paid acquisition to keep ahead of the pack. Postmates has motivated others to develop food delivery apps with the help of app development company

 Postmates’ mission hasn’t changed much in terms of its ambitions: the company wants to become the real-world API for logistics. It wants to operate as a transactional service layer to get products delivered swiftly and cheaply when you order any product, whether it’s a dinner or a television. However, with Amazon, Google, and Uber all making similar moves, we see the on-demand business and revenue model of the company becoming more centralized, whether through a single dominant entity or an aggregated platform of multiple delivery companies cooperating. The on-demand industry’s ultimate goal: fast delivery that is so prevalent that it functions similarly to a utility like water or power. 


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