How To Grow Your Instagram Following With Reels: 10 New Ways (Explained)

Instagram reels is a short-form video format similar to TikTok. Reels allows you to record, edit and share videos for up to 30 seconds within the app to rank on the Instagram explore page. When your video is ranked on the explore page you can extend your Instagram following. Instagram reels have some editing tools like music, effects, AR filters, and speed control. Reels allows you to merge several video clips into one video. But to grow your following on Instagram using reels you need to use some strategies. If you have no ideas on reels strategies, this article’s 10 proven reels strategies to grow your Instagram following gives clarity. 

10 Ways On How To Increase Instagram Followers Using Reels

Select Audio  

Adding audio to your content is the basic strategy that everyone should know. Try to create your own audio for your content to reach new audiences. If you create a video with your own audio there is a chance your video might go viral. When your video gets viral people might use your audio in their content and your video will appear first when someone searches the audio. This will increase the number of people who engage with your video who will probably become your followers with time. 

Create Attractive Content

Creating attractive content is the first step to increasing your Instagram following. Content freshness and uniqueness are two main factors that play a vital role in acquiring reels likes from a wider audience within a short time when you post the reels. Use the given tools perfectly to get more interaction and engagement by receiving more likes. Leverage all the latest options with reels like text-to-voice, visual replies, and collabs option to add more value for your reels content and level up your brand with a massive following.

Interact With Your Audience

When you aim to increase your followers on Instagram using reels you need to interact with audiences. Interacting with audiences will help to build more trust in you and people will interact with your content. Create inspiring and entertaining content to connect with audiences and when your content is good your audience might share it with their friends. Focus on creating content that is liked by your audiences to interact more with them. While they share your content the engagement and interaction increase and help to grow your Instagram following. 

Use Call To Action

Call to action is part of your content and the key for users to take some action next. Without any actions, the users could not take any step to proceed. So, use the call to action on reels videos that help people to move onto the next step and increase interactions. When your account receives more engagement your video would easily rank on the explore page to grow your Instagram following. Use various calls to action on your reels to admire more audiences. 

Share What You Know

Use Instagram reels to share what you know with other people. Most of the users use Instagram to learn new ideas or some things which they don’t know. sharing something you know using Instagram reels might help to get good engagement and traffic. Create “how-to” or tutorial videos on Instagram reels to grow your following on Instagram. When you create content based on what you know, it is good for building credibility and trust with your current and prospective followers. 

Showcase Your Products

Make use of Instagram reels to showcase your products and increase the brand’s visibility. Instagram reels are the best feature to develop your brand and to gain more potential support. Post teaser videos, behind-the-screen videos, and short explanation videos about your product to increase your Instagram following. You can grow your Instagram following by showcasing your product also by conducting giveaways or contests.  

Add Subtitles

Communicate with your audience by adding subtitles, captions, and text to your reels’ videos. Adding captions to your content will help to gain more followers because the people with hearing disabilities and the people who turned off their sounds can easily understand. While you add texts to your content you might receive more engagement which will help to grow your Instagram following.  

Reuse TikTok Contents

To gain more new followers, reuse your TikTok content on reels. When reusing TikTok content on Instagram reels some people might admire and start following your account. Reusing the content has more chances to increase interactions and helps your content to rank on the explore page. This strategy worked out for top brands and some Instagram users to increase their Instagram following.  

Plan Before Creating

Before creating Instagram reels, plan which kind of content you’re going to create. Avoid creating similar content to increase your engagement because people get bored of watching the same content in different styles. Plan on using perfect hashtags to reach wider audiences to grow your Instagram following. Using hashtags on your content helps to attract followers in your niche and increases engagement. 

Select The Time To Post

Choose the perfect time to post on Instagram reels to acquire more interactions. Use Instagram reels insights to analyze when most of the audiences are active and how they interacted with the last post. Analyze and make use of them in your content to generate more traffic and engagement. When you use this strategy correctly you could grow your Instagram following faster. 


Create your reels more real to increase exposure and reach new audiences. Instagram reels are still new but its popularity is high from the day it was launched. Make use of all strategies in various content to boost audience engagement on Instagram. Don’t wait, start planning and creating your reels to grow your Instagram following.