how to create a website and earn money

how to create a website and earn money – like me. Follow all steps and I 100% guarantee you can earn money. I also followed this step and now I earn. You can create a website so cheap under $20 to $50.

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Accu Web Hosting

Step 1 – Choose Your Domain Name

First, let think about what’s your interest. like traveling, selling, education, finance, writing, music, playing, math, English, geography, economics, physics, chemistry, medicine, etc.., for example, your interest in economics then your domain name should be like this – “”, “”, “”, “” etc.., in which some letter should be included in your domain name whose is your interest. because it’s rank fast. it’s not mandatory that your domain name should be like your interest. your domain name should be TLD’s Like (.com, .in, .org, .edu, .us, .uk more..) Buy a domain from – Godaddy, hostinger, Hostgator, A2hosting, Namecheap. It’s cost $1 to $10 for one Year.

Choose .com Domain at a Cheap Price

Brand NameWebsite Link
HostingerBuy .com Domain at INR 602/year
GoDaddyBuy .com Domain for 2 Years at INR 1,248
BigrockBuy .com Domain for 2 Years at INR 1,248
NameBuy domain at INR 608/Year
Google DomainBuy Domain at INR 860/Year

Step 2 – Choose the best Hosting

after choosing a domain now select the best hosting for your requirement. starting time I suggest using hosting this hosting. it’s so cheap I also had used it. it can handle up to 100,000 traffics.

Choose Different Hosting Plans for Staring

Shared HostingWeb Link
HostingerHostinger Shared Hosting INR 59/mo
BigrockHosting shared starting at INR 64/mo
HostgatorHostgator Shared Starting $2.08/mo
BluehostBluehost Shared Hosting INR 169/mo
A2hostingA2 Shared Hosting Starting INR 146/mo
Accu Web HostingAccuWebHosting Shared Web Hosting Plan @ $5.49/mo
GoDaddyGoDaddy shared Hosting Start at INR 99/mo

Write Content

After Bought Domain & Hosting then now Write content Micro niche or daily bases, you should have content at your website if your website is blog related then you should have at least 20 posts or web page or if your website is like,,, etc.., then you should upload products. and if your website is tools related like image download, pdf convert, password generator, video download, name generator, etc.., then you will have to do SEO.

You have to target low completion keyword & long-tail keyword that keyword whose not written by anyone or that keyword whose rank a low-Quality website. You haven’t to write content whose ranked high-value site like,,,,, otherwise, your site can’t rank.

Keywords should long tail in starting time if you want to rank fast. research keyword from Ubersuggest or Google keywords.


After writing content then you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) You should create back-links for your URL or Page and You should have good content, you should create a guest post. (Note: create links from value sites that have lack and millions of visitors. if you haven’t linked then maybe time taken for rank. if your content unique then not need backlinks.

Your backlinks should be related to title websites like your page title “how to buy the domain” then your links should be from the domain, hosting, and SEO websites.

Install Extension that extension for track SEO or CompetitorMoz, Vstat3, Domain age checker, similar web, whatsmyserp, ubersuggest, etc..,

Earning Method

After ranking your website then now you can earn money by using different ways like – Adsense, Affiliate, paid posts, sell services, online product selling, Promotion, link in your content.


Adsense made by google you can apply Adsense to your YouTube Channel and Website. generally, most website owner earns by AdSense.


You can join different affiliates like Amazon,, hostinger, GoDaddy, a2hosting, etc..,

Paid Promotion

If your site has ranked a particular keyword then most business people and marketers pay you for posts.

If you have not a laptop you can buy a budget laptop