Grammar Check VS Writer: Which Can Check Grammar Better?

Grammar errors are quite common in writing. These might occur if you forget to add punctuation marks, use incorrect spellings, or make wrong use of subject-verb agreement.

Even a professional or experienced writer sometimes forgets to add punctuation or misspell the word. But, when they proofread their content, they correct it using an online tool or on their own.

However, only a person with a grammar grip can easily find grammatical errors, as compared to one who does not know enough. For those writers, there are hundreds of different online grammar checkers developed that can help writers.

So, in today’s blog post, we are going to review the two most popular grammar checkers, and

We will compare both of these tools and see which one is better.

Grammar Check VS Writer

We are going to compare both of these grammar checkers in the form of a table.

Grammar Check is a free grammar checker that uses highly advanced AI-based algorithms that works to analyze the text and find any major or minor errors in it. It is a fully free tool without any limitations.The writer also offers an online grammar checker that also works on AI algorithms but not advanced. It is a free tool that allows users to check grammar in only 700 words at a time.
How to Use Grammar Check? If we talk about how-to-use Grammar Check, then it is amazingly simple. Just copy/paste the text in the given box. If you have the file, you can import it from your device storage. And, then it will show you the errors. You can correct them by yourself, one by one, or you can click on the tick (✅) button given above the box. After correcting all the errors, you can also download the error-free file in .doc format. You can see how effectively this tool has found grammar errors in the text and highlighted them.How to Use Writer? You can use Writer in the following steps: Copy/paste the text in the given box. You cannot import the file from the device’s storage. It will also analyze the text and highlight the grammar errors in it. You cannot correct all the errors in just one click, as you can do in You have to correct them one by one. This tool is also effective in finding errors in the text.
Key Features: Free to use without any limitations.Utilizes advanced AI-powered algorithms. It highlights different errors in different colors, like: Red for spelling mistakeBlue for punctuation mistakeYellow for Grammar errorsProvide mobile applications for iOS and Android users.It also provides applications for Windows and Linux users.Key Features: Free to use with a 700-word limit.Utilizes AI-powered algorithms. It can highlight all the errors in purple color. For Chrome users, it provides an extension, which is free.
Pros User-friendly interfaceNo login required.Available in 5 different languagesTimesavingNo ads or captcha on the screenCons Does not have the dark modePros User-friendly interface No sign-up is required.No ads running on the screenCons Only available in the English language No download or copy option is available.No dark mode is available
Pricing Plan As we have already mentioned, is fully available for free. You can access each of its features for free, and there is no cost associated with it.Pricing Plan The grammar checker by is not available for free. However, some of its other tools provide a premium version. Users have to upgrade it to get access to some of its tools or features.

So… Which Grammar Checker is the Best One, or

After reviewing both grammar checkers, we have concluded that is far better than There are several different reasons behind this verdict. For example, the first reason is better than is its availability.

You can see that it is available for free, just like, but it does not provide any word limit for its users. We have shown you have offers only a 700-word limit.

Another reason behind our final decision is it provides accessibility to its users. The perfect example of this is its “resolves all grammar errors” feature. In this feature, users just have to click on the tick (✅) button (as shown in the how to use heading), and they are done.

Each error is removed. But, on the other hand, on, users have to correct each mistake one by one, and if there are a lot of errors, it can take a long time.

Along with this, also provides multiple other features, like the user can import the file in .doc, .docx, or .txt format and find grammar errors. But if we see such a feature on, it is not available. So, is far better than

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