Give a character sketch of yaksha class 10th

give a character sketch of yaksha Class 10th Prose chapter “the enchanted pool” Answer.

Give a character sketch of yaksha

Ans- Yaksha was Yama, the Lord of Death. He had taken the form of Yaksha to see Yudhishthira and test his knowledge.

The Yaksha asked many questions to Yudhishthira, Which are as follows below..

  • What rescues man in danger?
  • By the study of which science does a man becomes wise?
  • What is swifter than the wind?
  • What is more faded than a dried straw?
  • What is happiness?
  • What is that by giving up which man become rich?
  • What makes one a real Brahmana?
  • What is the greatest wonder in the world?

the enchanted pool Question Answer Class 10th – Video


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