200+ Full Form Most Popular You Need All

Common Use Full Form You Should Learn Daily Bases.


Here Are the Most Popular Full Forms You Can Remember And Increase Your Knowledge. AC, DC, ATM, CBI, OTP, SBI, CCTV, DSLR, EMI, FIR, FM, GDP, GPS, GST, HTML, HTTP, IBM, And More.

A.M full Form

A.M = ante meridiem, (before Noon)A

AC Full Form

AC= Air Conditioner

ATM Full Form

ATM= Automatic Teller Machine

AIDS Full Form

AIDS= Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

ATA Full Form

ATA= Advance Technology Attachment

AAC Full Form

AAC= Advance Audio Coding

BA Full Form

BA= Bachelor Of Arts

B. Tech Full Form

B.Tech= Bachelor Of Technology

B.sc Full Form

B.sc= Bachelor Of Science

B.sc.Ag Full Form

B.sc.Ag= Bachelor Of Science In Agriculture

BAMS Full Form

BAMS= Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

B.com Full Form

B.com= Bachelor Of Computer

BBA Full Form

BBA= Bachelor Of Business Administration

BBC full form

BBC= British Broadcasting Corporation

BCA Full Form

BCA= Bachelor Of Computer Application

B. ed Full Form

B.ed= Bachelor Of Education

BMP Full Form

BMP= Bitmap

CBI Full Form

CBI= Central Bureau Of Investigation

CBI= Central Bank Of India

CBSE Full Form

CBSE= Central Board Of Secondary Education

CM full form

CM= Chief Minister

C-in-C full form

CinC= Commander In Chief

CDC full form

CDC= Lower Division Clerk

CPWD full form

CPWD= Central Public Works Department

CCTV Full Form

CCTV= Close Circuit Television

CEO full form

CEO= Chief Executive Officer

COD full form

COD= Cash On Delivery

CFL full form

CFL= Compact Fluorescent Lamp

COB full Name

COB= Close Of Business

CPU full form

CPU= Central Processing Unit

CD full form

CD= Compact Disk

D sc Full form

D sc= Doctor Of Science

Dr Full Form

Dr= Doctor

DM full Form

DM= district magistrate

DM= Direct Message

DSLR full form

DSLR= Digital single-lens reflex

DSP full form

DSP= Deputy Superintendent Of Police

DTP full form

DTP= Desk-Top Publishing

DVD full Form

DVD= Digital Video Disk

DP full form

DP= Display Picture

DJ full form

DJ= Disk Jockey

DNA full form

DNA= Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid

DNS full Form

DNS= Domain Name System

EMI full form

EMI= Equated Monthly Installment

FIFA full form

FIFA= Federation Internationale de Football Association

FM= Frequency Modulation