cheapest Internet in the world Country Wise Price & Compare

Cheapest data Plan in the world

cheapest data plan in the world: India Has the cheapest data available in the world all telecom companies provide the cheapest data plan in India. A survey in India that per-user average data spent a minimum of 1.4 GB daily spent and a maximum of 9 GB per day used data in Indian. India has the most TikTok Users almost 300 Million in survey 2019. Most India Guys Spent Their Data on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix India Have 15+ telecom companies that existed before 2014 but now in 2020 only 3 Or 4 Companies are Available 1. Jio, 2. Airtel 3. Vodafone, 4. Idea or 3. Vodafone-Idea. In India Average Speed is 25 Mbps and Max-58 Mbps And Min-1.3 Mbps. In India, Guys Do not use most Broadband Connections because there is so cheap mobile data. below discuss all company’s data plans. there is an official companies data plan and real please trust here,

Country Wise Data Price

Per One GB Data Cost

In This List Average Data Price, In Case If Data Plan Then More Cheap Price . But Here Is 1 GB Average Price In US dollar
Country DataPrice (USD)
India 1 GB$0.038
Kyrgyzstan 1 GB $0.18
Kazakhstan 1 GB$0.32
Ukraine 1 GB$0.42
Egypt 1 GB $0.43
Russia1 GB$0.48
Iran 1 GB $0.49
Algeria 1 GB $0.52
Sudan1 GB$0.58
Mongolia 1 GB$0.71
DR Congo 1 GB$0.77
Sri Lanka1 GB$0.78
Bangladesh 1 GB $0.79

Data Plan In India

Price In USDDataLimitDaysVoice/SMS
$3.36 84 GB3 GB/Da28 DaysFree
$5.39 168 GB3 GB/Day56 DaysFree
$8.09 252 GB3 GB /Day84 DaysFree
$10.7336 GB4 GB/Day84 DaysFree

Data Plan In JIO (India)

Price In USDDataLimitDayVoice/SMS
$5.39 84 GB 1.4 GB/Day 56 Days 2K MIN & 100
$7.49126 GB1.4 GB/Day84 Days3K MIN & 100
$4.7184 GB3 GB/Day28 Days2K MIN & 100
$3.39 112 GB2 GB/Day51 DaysNo

Note: Up Down Price In Case

This Data Plan Price Taken Data According March 2020 ….

The above plans are real and the Top plan launching in competition double data in march 2020 above you can see easily if you don’t trust this table data then check 100+ offer this official link Vodafone Plan, Jio Plan, Airtel Plan these are official website link.


Why Cheapest Data In India?

India Has Cheapest Data Because Here Is All Indian Telecom Companies Before Plan Was So Expensive Then Reliance Launch A Jio SIM Then Provide That Time Free For One Year No Any Charge For Data Limit And No Any charge Voice Then This Revolution Spread In India And All Companies Launch So Cheap Data And Voice Plan.

what Is the Average Data Plan In India?

India Data Plan Minimum $ 3,40 USD = 51 Days 2GB/Day.

Which Data Plan Use Most Indian Guys in 2020?

Indian Normally $ 5.40 USD for 84 Days 1.5GB/Day.

Which Country Has Cheapest Data Plan In The World?

India Has Cheapest Data Plan In The World Only 5.40 USD for 84 Days 2GB/Daily.

What Internet Speed In India?

India’s Average Data Speed is 24.4 Mbps And Max-58 Mbps And Min-1.4 Mbps

1 GB Price In India?

Indian Peoples Do Not Use 1 GB Indian Guys Use Monthly Plan Daily Limit 2GB/Day, 3GB/Day, 5GB/Day Only Price – 3.40, 5.40, 2.40 USD For 56Days, 84Days

Who Plan Longest In India?

India Has Longest Plan 27.2 USD for One Year 1.5 GB/Day ;

Final Word

India Has Cheapest Data Plan In the world There Is an Average One GB data Plan Of $0.013 USD