Best School in Jaipur To Provides Quality Education

VSI Global School was Started in the year 1979. VSI Global Schools is a co-educational school from play group to 8th standard. VSI Global received the Emerging School of the Year 2017 award from the Honorable Education Minister. It is also known as the best English Medium School in Jaipur. It provides many facilities for the Students.   

How does VSI Global School provide quality education?

Here, we provided the 5 features of VSI Global School. These five features ensure the education standards provided to the students in VSI Global School. 

Innovative Learning Methods

Best School in Jaipur To Provides Quality Education 1

The VSI Global School believes in innovative learning techniques and provides the opportunity to study various Skills. With the help of new techniques, students easily understand the concepts and perform well in the Exams. Teachers in VSI Global School are like friends to the Students; they engage the students in the teaching. 

Parent-teacher communication

The learning part of children starts at home. That’s why parents are also involved in the learning process of students. Therefore,  teachers at VSI Global Engage the parents with them to help the children and maintain a friendly environment for the Students at home. Surroundings affect children’s minds; if the surroundings are peaceful and filled with positive energy, it’s helpful to concentrate on your studies. This is one of the best reasons why VSI Global is one of the best schools schools in Jaipur. 

Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio

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The student-teacher ratio is the most important part; that’s why VSI Global School Maintains the guidelines, and the student-teacher ratio is 20:1. It is beneficial for the students to understand and learn. 


The most important part for parents is their children’s safety. VSI Global is the best School in the aspects of safety because this School takes responsibility for the students. This School ensures that the children are under CCTV surveillance. The school buses have GPS and cameras with one bus driver and one conductor. The School confirms the identity of their staff members before offering them a Job.

English Medium School in Jaipur

VSI Global School Strictly follows the rules and regulations. VSI Global aims to improve the english of Students. Teachers encourage the Students to speak in english during class hours. The School also conducts English-speaking competitions and debates to encourage children. 

Academics Corner at the Best School in Jaipur

VSI Global Follows the curriculum. This is why this School is known as the best english medium School in Jaipur. Directed by the famous C.A. R.C. Sharma. This School runs under the Blue Bells Shiksha Samiti (BBSS) from play group to 8th standard. This School provides students with a playground, activity room, computer lab, transportation, and fully air-conditioned smart classrooms. 

  • Why is VSI Global the Best Play School in Jaipur?

The approach of this school best towards the junior classes 

Activities on Campus

Best School in Jaipur To Provides Quality Education 2
  • Known as the best School in Jaipur –  VSI Global English Medium School in Jaipur 
  • Organises annual function every year in which students take part in activities they like 
  • Classes are offered for various activities, including dance, music, arts & crafts, painting, and theatre.
  • The School also plans a trip for students once a year. 

An Infrastructure that Supports Quality Education

VSI Global has the best infrastructure for the students. There is proper spacing for the students in the classrooms, white or blackboards, and proper washrooms on every floor with proper hygiene. VSI Global is also a playground for Students in which they have games for different age groups of children and the proper equipment for the elder children to play. This School also provides the library with proper books and different activity rooms with different toys for the playgroup students. VSI Global also has different labs for every subject through which Students can easily understand and perform well in the exams.   

Admissions process to VSI Global 

Admissions process to VSI Global. Parents have to follow an easy method to enrol their wards in School.

  • Fill out and submit the Student Registration Form.
  • Submit three photographs and a photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • Submit the fees.

Contact the Best School in Jaipur: VSI Global School

  • Mobile Number:093093 05656
  • Email id:
  • School Address: Sector 5, Pratap Nagar, Tonk Rd, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033

Take away 

Many parents need clarification about finding the best School in Jaipur because schools play an important role in students’ lives. So many schools are available in jaipur, but VSI Global School is one of the best co-educational schools in Jaipur. This School offers high-quality education and experienced faculties. In this article, we provide you with the complete information to help you find the best School in jaipur. You can prefer VSI Global School for Your child. 

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