Best PSP games of all times

PSP is mainly known as a play station portable. PSP is one of the most famous games even today. It started its career in Sony. Today we are talking about the PSP games that are still worth playing. You can also look for PSP ROMs with help from this useful site. We will talk about the following PSP games :

  1. LocoRoco
  2. Patapon
  3. Ratchet and Clank
  4. Shin Megami Tensei
  5. Metal gear solid
  6. Daxter
  7. Lumines

 Best PSP games of all times


LocoRoco was released on June 23, 2006. This game is founded by a  Japanese studio, Sony interactive entertainment. A single player can play it. The game is about the puzzle.

LocoRoco is the director and designer of Tsutomu. The main of the game is the sound producer. There are five subdivisions, and each level consists of 8 sublevels.

How LocoRoco game has to be played;

 When the LocoRoco eats a berry, it grows up to maximum size, and it can be split into individuals. There will be small passages that individual LocoRoco can only navigate. The players can also cause the LocoRoco to jump by holding and releasing both buttons. This won’t allow LocoRoco to cross the gaps.

The mobile game has been in western countries. And each level takes 15 min to complete level

The particular Hallowed-themed demo was released in Oct 2006. Its graphics and objects, like spirits and jack-o- lantern and a few puzzles were implemented—the LocoRoco original soundtrack; LocoRoco no Uta. The album contains 42 tracks of the game.

Patapon :

The game acts as an invisible deity to anthropomorphic eyeballs known as patrons. A single player can play it is produced and designed by the pyramid and Junichi Yoshizawa. It was released on December 20, 2007

The game was developed with the ability to be played as a single game and as a complex game depending on your preference. It serves as the central hub; there are many missions before each. The player can choose up to three different units for battle with as a leader of the units. There are six possible units to choose forms.

Ratchet and clank:

In Ratchet and clank, there are species like lombax, a cat-like creature whose occupation is mechanic commando pilot. The game is designed by Brian Allgeier, cory Stockton, Michael stout, and Mikey Kelley voices it. In 2011, readers of the Guinness world records gamers edition voted Ratchet as the 15th 

Top video game character of all time.

Shin Megami Tensei

It’s is Japan’s role-playing video game, and it was developed and published by Atlus, sims. Produced by Kazuyuki Yamai

It was released on November 11, 2021,

It’s an ordinary high school friend Yuzuru and data are caught up in an earthquake and transported to Da’ at an alright battle of angels and demons. It is a series of Megami Tensei. Aggregator score Metacritic is 83|100. It became the highest-selling physical video game of the week in Japan, with an estimated 143,247 copies, and it stayed in the top 10 for another two weeks.

Metal gear solid

It was released in 1988. Directed, produced, and written by Hideo Kojima, it makes references to actual events of the 1980 and 1990 as the gulf war is on platforms of PlayStation, PlayStation 3, Microsoft windows


It was released on March 14, 2006. It is a platform of video games developed by ready at dawn. It is a series of Jak and Daxter. It is a genre of action-adventure game. It can be played by single players and as well as multiplayer mode. This game has sold 4.2 million copies and received positive reviews.

Players should assume them as Daxter, and he should search for his friend jak throughout the game’s story. The aggregate score Metacritic is 85/100

Daxter is said to be one of the PSP’s best titles by several websites.


Lumines was released on November 6, 2006. It was developed and designed by Bandai and Katsumi Yokota. It is a puzzle and music video game industry known as a strategy video game.

Each level has a different background and speedy time level. The game Lumines has successfully sold over half a million copies between North America, Europe, and Japan. It was the best handheld game of 2005. It was also named the best launch title by multiple media outlets. It was good in musical and gameplay, and later new future has imposed the game daily was the best puzzle game ever made and said it’s a most perfected puzzle. It was also recognized as one of the top 50 games on the 2005 game list.

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