10 Free Best Mobile Apps For Daily Need Android & IOS

1. Samsung Health

Samsung Health Is Best Mobile Apps For Health. If You Want To Fit Always And Continue Want Healthy Then This App Is Useful For You. Samsung Official Launched This App For Health These App 1 Billion+ Downloads On Playstore. This App Features Count Your Step And Reminder For Water And Food Nutrition Available In This App Multi Different Features First Install And Download Use. I Suggest You Set A Goal Of 6K Steps To Complete Your Tasks And Use Daily This App. This App Is Available On Appstore And PlayStore Download On Play Store. 1+B Downloads On Playstore.

2. Google Maps

Google Map Is GPS App. I Hope You Use it Already if This App is not installed by you Then Install Now This App Help For Track Roots, Measure Distance Between Two Place And How Many Time Taken For Go Those Place All Data Here Is Find And Also View Countries Location Any City Using This App I Hope You Will Use Daily This App. Available On Appstore & Google Playstore. Download For Android Click Here And Check For Website Click There. 5+B Downloads On PlayStore

3. Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout – No Equipment Is Health Fitness App Help For You make Healthy Person These App If You Not Go To Gym And If You Want To Gym. Then Download This App Not Require Any Equipment. You Can Exercise With Self-Body. Here You Can Build Muscles Full Body Part Otherwise A particular Part of Body You Can Build Muscles. If You Want To Only ABS build then You Can do it. This App Has Different Parts Of the Body You Can Do Exercise Using This App. This App Counts Your Calories That How Many Calories You Spent During Gym With This App Then Download And Check Now. Click Here To Download Now For Android 100+M Downloads On Playtore.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate Is Best App For Translate Any Language To Another Language Or Your Local Language. This App No Charge No Ads This App is Totally Free For Everybody If You Are Traveler And Not Know Those places’ languages Then You Can Use It. This App Also Show Synonyms If You Find Any Word Synonyms Then Here You Are Able To. If You Talk Live Then Also Able to. And More Features. Download This App And Check Now Click To Download For Android 500+M Downloads.

5. Google Chrome

Google Chrome Is Browser This Browser Was Launched By Google And so Also More Secure This Browser. Here You Can Save Your Multi Gmail ID And Use With PC Different Gmail. Here Any Log In Details Save On Chrome No Require to enter a Password once you saved. So This is the Best Browser For Everybody. Google Chrome Available All OS You Can Download Easily. Click To Download 5+B Downloads On Playstore.

6. Any Payments App (Google Pay)

You Must Need To One Payment App Necessary For Installed In Your Phone If You Need Cash And You have No Cash In Your Pocket Then Need Your Phone So Install Any Payment App For Transaction, Bill Pay, Recharge, Ticket, And More. You Have Different Option For Payment App Like – PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, And More.

8. Cloud App (Google Photos)

You Must Have One Install Any Cloud App (Online Storage). If You Want To Not Loss Your Data Auto Save In Your Data Like – Photos, Videos Then Install Google Photo, Or Google Drive Because 15 GB Free Provide Google Drive So I Suggest You Download Google Drive. If You Have A PC Then Use It Online Click To Use Google Drive Or Download Google Drive On Playstore Click To Download. 5+B Downloads On Playstore.

9. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Is Free App For Chat App This App Is Mostly Peoples Know. But Some People Don’t Use Then I Suggest You WhatsApp Is Best App For Chat. Whatsapp Is More Secure And UI So Simple Here You Can Talk With Group Video Or Voice Call Group Chat Without Ads And Free. Here You Can Add Status. you can Video Call In The World Or Voice Call This App No Require Your Email Only Require Your Phone Number. You Can Create an Account So Simple In One Step, Not Hard. Click To Download On Playstore 5+B Downloads On Playstore.

popular mobile apps

  • Samsung Health
  • Google Maps
  • Home Workout – No equipment
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Translate
  • YouTube
  • Any Digital Pay (Google Pay)
  • Cloud App (Drive)

Best Android Apps

Mobile Apps NameCategory
Samsung Health Health & Fitness
Google Maps GPS & Location , Distance
Home Workout – No equipment Home Gym & Health And Fitness
Google ChromeBrowser
Google Translate Translate & Dictionary
YouTubeVideos & Learning & News
Google PayPayments
Google DriveCloud
WhatsAppCall & SMS


These All Best Mobile Apps You Should Be Used Because These All Best Mobile Apps Provide Daily Needed Things