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How to Set Up Arlo Camera?

Arlo’s security camera is one of the most effective in the business. Setting that security camera up is easy. Here are the steps below. 

  1. Download the Arlo App

You need to download the Arlo App. That App guides you through the process step by step and allows you to modify the camera setting. The camera cannot be set up without the App. So, after downloading the App, you need to create an account and put up your camera details like its model number on that App. You can also access the Arlo App by using a Web browser.

  1. Turn on your Arlo Camera
  • Wire-free models:

First, you need to install the battery in the camera by following the instructions to start up the set-up process on a wire-free Arlo camera. Since the battery has grooves on the bottom, you cannot install the battery upside down. After fixing the battery in the camera, you need to close the lid of the charging port. Now you need to check the LED on the front. If you see amber color light, you connect the charging cable that has been provided to you. If it shows flashing blue, you do not need to charge and start the next step. 

  • Wired Models:

Wired Arlo cameras must be within 6 feet of an outlet. You can buy optional power cables with lengths of 8 and 25 feet. It also has a solar panel option with solar chargers only applicable to outside cameras.

  1. Connect your Arlo camera to Wi-Fi

Once your camera is charged, you need to connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network following the Arlo app’s instructions. The App will provide you with a QR code for the camera to scan. Then give your camera a second to chime after sweeping the code. You need to put the name in and create a password for your wireless network. You should be aware that Arlo cameras are not compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. It would be best if you had a 2.4 GHz network.

  1. Place your Arlo camera.

 You need to put your Arlo camera around 6 to 7 feet high up from the ground to have full coverage of the home. Arlo camera comes with a built-in stand that helps you place it on the shelf. You also can opt for a magnetic mount. You can fix this mount against the wall with a single screw, a plastic stopper that holds them back, and a drywall anchor. You can also put it up against the outdoor wall with a screw.

  1. Adjust your Arlo camera’s view

It would help if you altered the positioning of the Arlo camera to have a wide range of views to record tons of activity. It provides you with accurate motion detection, recording, and notifications. You can alter this positioning by changing the setting. It provides real-time recording with a lag of microseconds. It also gives you the recording instantly but at a little degraded quality. 

Wrapping Up

You may have an idea about the whole process of setting up an Arlo camera by following these steps as your instructions. You now know how easy setting up an Arlo security camera is. Depending on where you set it up, whether indoor or outdoor, you can sit back and relax while it records all the activities.
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